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Guide for installation of ductile iron pipes and fittings for water conveyance:

1. When digging pipe ditches, it is necessary to consider that sand can be filled to the bottom of the pipe when backfilling, so as to ensure uniform stress. When digging the groove at the interface, try to make room to ensure that the operation of the interface can make full use of strength. Except for special cases, the trench shall be straight line and the bottom of the trench shall be on the same plane. When digging trenches by machine, the bottom of trenches should be kept 20 cm-30 cm thick without digging, and should be cleaned up to the elevation manually.

2. Clean the inner surface of the socket and the outer surface of the socket end with a brush and a clean cloth. Especially, there should be no foreign body in the position where the rubber sealing ring is placed.

3. For DN80mm-300mm small-caliber ductile iron pipe, the rubber sealing ring is pinched into a heart shape and put into the socket, so that the brake washer of the rubber sealing ring is tightly embedded in the base, and the uniform pressure sealing ring is kept in the socket. For nodular cast iron pipe with DN400 mm or more, the sealing ring is bent into 8-shaped shape, and it is easier to insert the sealing ring into the base by two protrusions in turn. Please check if the installation is correct.

4. To lubricate the inner surface and socket of rubber sealing ring, non-toxic and odorless alkaline lubricant (soap water can be used instead) should be used as lubricant.

5. To insert the socket into the socket until it is in coaxial contact with the sealing ring, it must be correctly aligned and coincide with the central axis of the pipe or fittings to be connected. If it is found that the insertion resistance is too large when connecting the pipe, it should stop immediately, pull out the pipe, check the position of the rubber sealing ring and the socket, find out the reason and install again. The depth of insertion is between two lines.

6. When the interface is installed, the offset angle can be adjusted according to the diameter of the pipe.

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