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Investigation Team of Provincial Development and Reform Commission visited our factory for guidance

On the afternoon of January 23, the leaders of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, accompanied by the leaders of the municipal and county development and reform commissions, inspected the project development of Jincheng Tianyi Foundry Co., Ltd.

The delegation visited all functional areas in the factory area. Mr. Wang Quantai, chairman of Jincheng Tianyi Foundry Co., Ltd., introduced the overall planning, management and operation of the factory and its future construction and development to the leaders of the inspection group in detail.

The team highly affirmed the current construction status of Jincheng Tianyi Foundry Co., Ltd. and hoped that Jincheng Tianyi Foundry Co., Ltd. would clarify the tasks in the next development and construction work. It also commented on the quality of manufacturing, technology, platform construction, resource factors and development prospects of our factory, and put forward guiding opinions, indicating that the enterprise should conclude. Considering its own resource advantages, we should constantly broaden the development path, further expand the scale of enterprise development, and truly achieve development and growth.

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