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We will strive to build a modern foundry enterprise with high starting point, high quality and high standard.
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Jincheng Tianyi Foundry Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhuang Village, Nancun Town, Zezhou County, Jincheng City. It is a joint-stock private enterprise established in 2016 on the basis of the original casting pipe and casting factory.

The company covers an area of 122.9 mu, with modern factory buildings and advanced production equipment, process equipment automation, mechanical and electrical integration is relatively high. We have our own laboratories, laboratories and independent R&D and innovation departments. Medium frequency electric furnace, spectrum analyzer, centrifugal moulding, annealing, zinc spraying, finishing, packaging and other whole pipelines rank the highest + first level in China. The main products are DN80-DN2600mm ductile iron pipes, matching pipes and rubber rings. The annual production capacity of cast pipes is 300,000 tons and the casting capacity is 30,000 tons.

The company has 550 employees, including 6 professional managers, 18 quality management personnel, 26 professional management team, 20 sales and after-sales service team.

The company's products are widely used in gas transmission, water supply, sewage, drainage, power and other projects. The company strictly follows the scientific and perfect quality management system and production process. The products follow ISO2531, GBT13295 and GBT26081 standards, and can also be customized according to the needs of customers.

The company aims to build a modern foundry enterprise with high starting point, high quality and high standard, and to be a pioneer in the field of environmental protection, safety and energy saving.

The company has the right to import and export independently, with high-quality product assurance, intimate market services to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

With the completion of the second phase of plant construction, the annual sales can reach 1.5 billion yuan, realizing profits and taxes of 50 million yuan, and providing more than 1,000 jobs. It will become a foundry base with large production scale and strong technical force in Jincheng City, with independent import and export rights. Form a strategic layout of diversified precision products based on Shanxi, facing the Central Plains, radiating the whole country and moving towards the international market.

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